Welcome to The Studio!

Are you the next Twilight star?

It’s time to start living your dream! Are you ready?  Hollywood is waiting for you and The Studio is here to help!

Our award winning team consists of experienced advisors with over 50 years combined experience in the fields of Managing, Teaching, Photography, and mentoring rising talent! Whether you are looking to pursue your dream of becoming a famous actor or just want to improve your ability to speak in front of people, the talented team at The Studio will be there to guide your journey.

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Are you the next Selena Gomez?

The courses available at The Studio are designed to educate you on HOW to pursue your acting or modeling dreams and provide you the tools you need to succeed! When you graduate from The Studio you will be prepared to begin walking your path to success.

Are you as talented as Miley Cyrus?

Hope to see you soon!


The Studios @ Michigan
3000 Town Center Dr, Ste 40
Southfield, MI 48075
248-945-0506 office
248-351-2699 fax

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